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About us


South Africa Information Magazines forms part of the umbrella organisation, Integrated Marketing.  The idea behind the creation of this subsidiary organisation was to build a platform from which the tourism industry would benefit in showcasing beautiful parts of South Africa.

The magazines are not only for tourists, but are for those who are travelling through our unique country wanting more information on where to eat, where to sleep and things to do – in the towns that they are visiting.

SA Info Magazines - About usSA Info Magazines

The SA Info publication range was formed as a unique product which combines print media, digital, as well as video exposure.

The magazines are printed in an A4 glossy format which is easy to read with many fantastic photos.  The images showcase the exceptional beauty of each town, area and region.  The photos are personally taken by Entrepreneur and Photographer,  Dominique de la Croix and accurately reflect each area.

Each magazine is divided into sections that cover the relevant historical information, town information, events, day trips, conservation, flora and fauna, as well as distinctive area insight and maps.

The SA Info magazines are also published digitally as Ezines for additional reference.

The SA Info magazines include a professionally filmed video tour of the natural attractions of each publication, which includes high definition cinematic footage, and an image slide show incorporating aerial photography.  This provides a more visual aspect to the publication, as well as giving advertisers the opportunity for exposure on various mediums.

Each magazine has many advertisers promoting their establishments in the form of adverts.  The advertisers promote their activities, accommodation, restaurants and businesses as an advert or a listing.  This creates a well-rounded guide to the area for visitors.

SA Info Magazines - About usIntegrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing has successfully been in business for 5 years and runs several subsidiary companies under its umbrella.  Integrated Marketing is a small business which provides professional services to companies and/or individuals, who would like to not only grow their business, but grow their brand as well.  We provide in-house photographical services, graphic designing as well as website creation, editorial concepts and search engine optimization.

Further information can be found at www.integrated-marketing.co.za.

SA Info Magazines - About usWildshots SA – Tourism Products and Personalized Promotional Products

Visit our website www.wildshots-sa.co.za to view the range of tourism products that we offer.  Wildshots is a brand name attached to the products that are handmade locally and sold at many tourist establishments across South Africa.

Wildshots provides a range of tourism products that have been designed and created to market each region and town across South Africa.

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